Fees – Reasonable, transparent, proportionate

Fees – Reasonable, transparent, proportionate2019-11-10T21:08:20+00:00
FCA and PRA authorisations and ongoing compliance support. Contact us 7 days a week, 8am-11pm. Free consultations. Phone/Whatsapp: +4478 3368 4449  Email: info@hirett.co.uk

Below is a summary of our fee level and structure for different Application types (FCA Application fees are separate – will be clarified on initial phone consult). The fees quoted below include ongoing ad-hoc/general compliance support for the business in question – i.e. matters which can typically be addressed by phone or e-mail.

If your previous application for an FCA or PRA authorisation has been refused and you want to reapply, our service is FREE even if you used a different consultancy.

Mortgage, General Insurance, IFAs

  • General Insurance intermediary (‘GI Broker’): £1,000
  • Mortgage & General Insurance (‘M&GI’): £2,000
  • IFA practice (typically the above, plus Investments & Pensions): £3,000

Consumer Credit

  • Credit Broker, Limited Permissions (e.g. motor dealer, coffee machines, water softener sales): £500 (up-front)
  • Credit Broker, Full Permissions: £1,000
  • Consumer Hire, Limited Permissions: £500 (up-front)
  • Full Permissions – Lending: £2,000

Claims Management

  • Authorisation, Small (Turnover less than £1m): £1,250
  • Authorisation, Large (Turnover more than £1m): £3,000

Investment Services

  • Investment services intermediary (Arranging, Advising, CF30, Non-Retail): £2,000
  • Investment services intermediary (Arranging only, Non-Retail): £1,250
  • Investment services intermediary (Arranging, Advising, CF30, Retail): £3,500
  • Investment Management (Discretionary Control, Non-Retail): £3,500
  • Investment Management (Discretionary Control, Retail): £5,000

​Payment Services

  • API – Money Remittance only (can include EU-wide Crossborder Passport): £2,000
  • API – Merchant Acquirer only (as above, but unlikely to be needed): £2,000
  • API – Payment Account operator: £4,000
  • SPI – Money Remittance only: £2,000
  • SPI – Payment Account operator: £3,500
  • SPI – Merchant Acquirer: £2,000
  • RAISP: £1,250
  • PIS: £2,000


  • Registered (‘SEMI’): £2,000
  • Full (‘EMI’): £4,000

Variations of Permission

  • Variations downward (removal of Permissions, assuming all GABRIEL reporting in order): £300 (up-front)
  • Variations upward: £400 for a minor horizontal manoeuvre; Vertical manoeuvres need to be discussed then priced


  • Where there are no background issues: £300 (up-front)


  • Crossborder services, EU-wide, Investment services: £1,000
  • Crossborder services, EU-wide, Insurance intermediation: £1,000
  • Crossborder services, EU-wide, Payment services: £1,000
  • Freedom of Establishment, EU-wide, Investment services: £2,000
  • Freedom of Establishment, EU-wide, Insurance intermediation: £2,000
  • Freedom of Establishment, EU-wide, Payment services: £2,000

Recruitment of compliance professionals for your in-house team

  • £250 per hired employee


Quotes assume a business size comprising up to two Directors

Yes, you can commence a Regulated business as one sole Director (we can assist with addressing Keyperson Risk)

  • 50% payable up-front in order to commence the Project (except where otherwise stated)
  • 25% is payable upon submission of the application to the FCA
  • 25% payable upon Authorisation/Registration/licensing