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If you are a motor vehicle dealer and looking to:

  • Introduce finance to your clients provided by lenders or via credit brokers
  • Lease motor vehicles to consumers for a period in excess of three months

…then you require authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority

What Permissions Do I Need?

To introduce finance to clients, you require limited permission credit broking authorisation. For car leasing activities you require limited permission consumer hire authorisation.

How Long Does it Take?

At present we are seeing limited permission applications being approved between two weeks and two months post submission. We usually take two weeks to complete the application and associated documents.

What We Do

We can undertake the whole application, draft the regulatory business plan, assemble financial projections, complete the online application for you as well as providing the required Policy documents. Our team will then work with you to answer any questions that may come back from the FCA.

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