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Training is at the heart of the Hirett Ltd business strategy and core to the creation of new markets and revenue for our clients. The aims and objectives of our training are:

  • To eliminate inessentials
  • To focus on key development areas in a way that is peculiar to your situation
  • To identify new markets
  • To maximise business production
  • To make money

All our coaching includes practical advice on achieving and maintaining compliance.

Hirett Ltd offers a portfolio of one-to-one personal development and coaching programmes for recent key appointees that are outlined on our Business Monitoring – Training and Competence page.

We offer in addition a series of on-site training modules for personnel of all grades:

  • Money Laundering detection and prevention
  • Complaints handling
  • Data Protection
  • Preparing Financial Promotions
  • Regulations for Mortgage Brokers
  • Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)

Hirett Ltd can also provide trainers on a daily basis to help develop your own in house training and evaluation programmes.

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