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The programme of operations to be provided by the applicant as an Authorised Payment Institution (API) should contain the following information:

a) a step-by-step description of the type of payment services envisaged, including an explanation of how the activities and the operations that will be provided are identified by the applicant as fitting into any of the legal categories of payment services listed in Annex I to PSD2.

b) a declaration of whether the applicant will at any point enter or not into possession of funds;

c) a description of the execution of the different payment services, detailing all parties involved, and including for each payment service provided:
i. a diagram of flow of funds, unless the applicant intends to provide payment initiation services (PIS) only;
ii. settlement arrangements, unless the applicant intends to provide PIS only;
iii. draft contracts between all the parties involved in the provision of payment services including those with payment card schemes, if applicable;
iv. processing times.

d) a copy of the draft framework contract, as defined in Article 4(21) of PSD2;

e) the estimated number of different premises from which the applicant intends to provide the payment services, and/or carry out activities related to the provision of the payment services, if applicable;

f) a description of any ancillary services to the payment services, if applicable;

g) a declaration of whether or not the applicant intends to grant credit and, if so, within which limits;

h) a declaration of whether or not the applicant plans to provide payment services in other Member States or third countries after the granting of the licence;

i) an indication of whether or not the applicant intends, for the next three years, to provide or already provides other business activities as referred to in Article 18 of Directive (EU) 2015/2366, including a description of the type and expected volume of the activities;

j) the information specified in the EBA Guidelines on the criteria on how to stipulate the minimum monetary amount of the professional indemnity insurance or other comparable guarantee under Article 5(4) of Directive (EU) 2015/2366 where the applicant intends to provide services 7 and 8 (PIS and account information services (AIS).