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Security Policy

Description of IT systems in use
We use a bespoke IT system, features of which have been outlined above in terms of access control, breach prevention, data analysis, logging and reporting in section 3. The system further validates the validity of Identity documentation, and if it is not valid or is expired, the transaction will be immediately rejected.

As we operate from a single premises, the premises is completely secured with the following:

  • Steel roller shutters over shop-front and all access points including rear access.
  • Intrusion detection alarm linked to live local rapid response unit.
  • CCTV system installed both internally and externally with images stored both locally and remotely.
  • Access control devices are used throughout the premises with all entries and exits logged on our secure servers.

In terms of security risks, the measures taken as detailed in sections 1-5 above, we believe are quite adequate in preventing, reporting and predicting any security breaches or risk of fraud or money-laundering.

All IT equipment is suitably protected with the latest Norton Antivirus software which is updated on a daily basis, or whenever an update becomes available. It equipment is also physically protected with the use of Kensington locks.

Customer authentication is carried by physically and meticulously confirming client ID’s with their identity particulars. Confirmation of address and post code, date of birth, transactional history and contact details are all used to further verify clients. Any suspicious transactions or individuals are duly reported using the in-built reporting utilities available to employees which is designed around FCA reporting guidelines.

Further, since we operate in a specific location and our services offered appeal to a specific target market, they are very specific and all our clients are well-known to us. We operate in a specific geographical location, and only offer money remittance services to one country, any suspicious activity is immediately recognised and duly reported via the in-built reporting utility our system has been programmed with as per FCA guidelines. Such suspicious activity relates to but is not limited to transaction amounts, transactional frequency, failure to verify identity particulars, etc.