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1 Job Description

Every member of staff at the company, has a job description which is provided to them when they start employment (during induction). The job description forms part of their contractual employment agreement and gives guidance and requirements for performing their job and any associated regulatory requirements.


Detail here why this job role exists within the firm and how it relates to the overall operational function of the business. This should provide the staff member with the reason why their job exists and how the contribute to the overall business.


Detail here how the job impacts the rest of the firm and how the position contributes to the other departments within your organisation. Note how any failing to perform one or more of the necessary job functions can impact the business.


Detail here any regulatory requirements that are applicable to the firm (and therefore all of its staff regardless of their role), and also regulatory requirements of this position in particular. Provide details on the responsibilities encompassed in the position and list any targets and expectations, including any problems that may be encountered in carrying out the responsibilities

Main Activities

  • List here
  • List here
  • List here

Regulatory Requirements

  • List here
  • List here
  • List here


Detail any knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes required for the job to be performed in a satisfactory manner.


You are expected to be competent and proficient in: –

√  Regulatory compliance √  Administration procedures √  Accounting procedures
√  Policy development √  Payroll systems √   HR procedures

You are expected to demonstrate the below skills: –

√  Problem solving √  Spreadsheet manipulation √  Word processing
√  Decision making skills √  Time management skills √  Effective listening skills

Personal Attributes
You are expected to demonstrate the following personal attributes: –

√  Patient √   Honest √   Respectful
√  Trustworthy √   Flexible √   Calm