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Remittance Sum ID Requirement Time Duration Grounds
£ any Mandatory for all clients to register with Hirett Ltd before they can use our services (MLR 2017)

We must record:

  • sender’s name
  • address
  • date of birth
At time of payment The Hirett Ltd business model requires for us to “know your customer” or KYC. Before we can do any type of business with them we need to verify that the client can prove who they say they are and prove they live where they say they live
£2,000+ Proof of funds to be obtained At time of payment When client is sending £2,000 or more, we need to ascertain where the funds have come from to prevent any potential money laundering. This rule also applies when the client has remitted £2,000 or more, within 12 calendar months.
£2,500 – £9,999.99 A: Table 1 ID
B: Table 2 ID
C: Disclaimer for source of funds
D: Proof of funds
At time of payment These payments are classed as larger payments. EDD is to be applied to ensure that payments “make sense” and are in line with requirements.
£10,000+ A: Table 1 ID
B: Table 2 ID
C: Source of funds disclaimer
D: Proof of funds
E: Can be received by bank transfer only. For business users, we require details of the payment, ID of all directors and shareholders, copies of invoice, companies house check. Ask yourself “does it make sense”? Must be signed off by Hirett director.
At time of payment Large payment requests like these are classed as very high risk and hence need to be approved and signed off by the manager and MLRO.