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1 We are committed to providing a high-quality service to our clients.

2 We acknowledge that we may not always get it right, so if something has gone wrong, including in relation to our charges, we need you to tell us. This will help us to improve our standards of service.

3 How do I make a complaint?

3.1 You can contact us by email – complaints@employeerescue.co.uk or by telephone – 0333 444

3.2 To help us to understand your complaint, and in order that we do not miss anything, please tell us:

3.2.1 your full name and contact details;

3.2.2 what you think we have got wrong;

3.2.3 how you would like your complaint to be resolved; and

3.2.4 your file reference number (if you have it).

3.3 If you require any help in making your complaint, we will try to help

4 How will you deal with my complaint?

4.1 We will write to you within 3 working days acknowledging your complaint, enclosing a copy of this policy.

4.2 We will investigate your complaint. This will usually involve:

4.2.1 reviewing your complaint;

4.2.2 reviewing your file(s) and other relevant documents; and

4.2.3 liaising with the person who dealt with your matter.

4.3 We may also need to ask you for further information or documents. If so, we will ask you to provide the information within a specific period of time.

4.4 We will update you on the progress of your complaint at appropriate times.

4.5 We may also, if appropriate, invite you to a telephone meeting or video conference to discuss your complaint. You do not have to attend if you do not wish to or if you are unable to.

4.6 We will write to you at the end of our investigation to tell you what we have done and what we propose to do to resolve your complaint. Where possible, we will aim to do this within 21 days of the date of our letter of acknowledgement.

5 What if I am not satisfied with the outcome?

5.1 If you are unhappy with the outcome of our complaints handling procedure, please let us know and we will review the matter.

5.2 If we have not resolved your complaint within 8 weeks, you may be able to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

5.3 The Financial Ombudsman Service contact details are:

5.3.1    by telephone: 0000000000

5.3.2 contact: https://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/contact-us; or

5.3.3 website: financial-ombudsman.org.uk

6 What will it cost?

6.1 We will not charge you for handling your complaint.

6.2 Please note that if we have issued an invoice for work done on the matter, and all or some of the invoice is not paid, we may be entitled to charge interest on the amount outstanding.

6.3 The Financial Ombudsman Service is free of charge.

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