FCA and PRA licenses (authorisations) and ongoing compliance support, training, recruitment. Contact us 7 days a week, 8am-11pm. Free consultations. Phone / Whatsapp: +4478 3368 4449  Email: hirett.co.uk@gmail.com

All our furniture, fixtures and equipment is off-the-shelf and can be replaced within 1-3 days. All our software and data is backed up in the cloud on major companies’ servers (such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud) where it is also automatically and continually backed up in at least 2 separate physical locations as part of the service plan and is available to be immediately restored to a previous point as needed. Additionally, our software vendor has its own back up and restore capabilities of the software system itself along with our customers’ data.

In the event of a significant disruption, new furniture, fixtures and computer equipment can be bought and delivered within 1-3 days and software and data can be completely restored from the cloud data storage within hours with the assistance of our software vendor. The reputation and their potential availability in a disaster recovery situation will be a key aspect in the selection of a software provider.

Initially, we’ll have at least two key persons completely aware of all aspects of the business with additional employees available as necessary. In the event of the loss of a key person, there will be others available to run the business.

We intend to test the business continuity and disaster recovery plans every 6 to 12 months and record our conclusions and processes along with the key information necessary to continue running the business (such as usernames and passwords). This type of information will be updated on an ongoing basis as well.

In case of the termination of our services, key persons and employees will be trained to ensure that all pending transactions have been completed and existing contracts have been properly handled to their conclusion.